Schaub Crescendo 1-1/2" Pull

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                • Style: Symphony Inlays
                • Collection: Crescendo
                • Projection: 1"
                • Base Material: Solid Brass
                • Base Dimensions: 3/8"
                • Overall: 2-1/4" x 7/8"
                • Center to Center: 1-1/2"
                • Thread / Screw Size: 8/32"
                • Imperial Shell: Sometimes called Paua Shell, this astonishingly elegant substance radiates all the colours of the rainbow. Matchless in appearance, its iridescent shine sparkles with the welcoming warmth of the South Pacific.
                • Mother-of-Pearl: From the sun-drenched shores of the South Pacific, it is the smooth lining of the Pearl Oyster that gives this material its lustrous sheen. Its silky, elegant appearance is coveted by almost every culture around the world.
                • Tiger Penshell: Similar to its cousin the Oyster, Tiger Penshell is the beautiful interior of large, salt water clams found just off of the coast in the balmy, shallow waters surrounding the Philippine Islands. With variegated marbling, from light cream all the way through brunette to sable, no one piece is ever alike, making each and every one of your cabinets entirely unique.