Installation Instructions & Templates - Ashley Norton

Please ensure you download the correct template for your product. In in doubt, please contact Ashley Norton’s customer service team on (973) 835-4027 and they will assist you in finding the correct template. Ashley Norton & JRD Supply cannot accept responsibility if the incorrect template is used to prepare or drill your door.

Type of Product Details Part number Image of Trim Lock / Latch Template

Mortise Entrysets

Templates are suitable for locks with 2 ½” or 2 ¾” backset only.

Do not use templates for special locks with narrow backset (e.g. 2” backset)

Lever x Lever (or)

Knob x Knob


(Not suitable for function 12-A)

mor 12 mor 12 lock latch

Grip x Lever (or)

Grip x Knob



sgl 10, lgl 10 sgl 10 lock latch, lgl 10 lock latch
Grip x Grip



sgg 14, lgg 14 sgg 14 lock latch, lgg 14 lock latch

Tubular Entrysets with 5 ½” centers

Lever x Lever (or)

Knob x Knob

__LES.___.50 les 50 les 50 lock latch

Grip x Lever (or)

Grip x Knob

__TUB.___.50 tub 50 les 50 lock latch

Tubular Deadbolt

Separate tubular deadbolt

  Tubular Deadbolt Tubular Deadbolt Lock Latch

Tubular Passage/Privacy Set

Lever x Lever (or)

Knob x Knob

Part number must have 30 or 20 function

(not suitable for 34, 24, 25 or 26 functions)

Tubular Passage / Privacy Set Tubular Passage Lock Latch / Privacy Set

Lever x Lever (or)

Knob x Knob with integrated privacy thumbturn/release

Part number must contain function #26

(not suitable for 24 or 25 functions)

Tubular Passage 26 Tubular Passage 26 Lock Latch

Privacy Bolt

Privacy bolt with emergency release

Part number contains 586 or 587

Privacy Bolt Privacy Bolt Lock Latch